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Somehow managing to rip-off both Vespa and generic Chinese scooters at the same time, these are the concept sketches for the first new MINI that will actually be mini. Because it’s a scooter. Also, it’s electric.

Scheduled for a debut at the Paris Motor Show in October, there’s no firm details on the MINI Scooter e concept bike yet aside from the existence of three unique models:

MINI Scooter EGO: a single-seater.
MINI Scooter ECO Roller: two seats!

Mini Scooter Exxxx (name not released yet): ?

Expect BMW, the German company that owns MINI, to forget that classic scooter styling cues come from post-war Italy, not England and some sort of licensed electric powertrain from an established player in the field.

The idea of MINI selling electric scooters isn’t altogether a bad one, such a product would offer customers of its non-mini cars a practical vehicle to use in cities that’d be cheap to run, wouldn’t get stuck and traffic and would be easy to park. Add zero-emissions, MINI’s own financing programs and upmarket dealerships to that mix and it sounds like a winner to us.

via Jalopnik

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