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The team at Mission Motors has completed a final test session at Infineon Raceway, crated up the Mission One electric superbike and shipped it to the Isle of Man in preparation for June 12's zero emissions TTXGP. This video is the fist time we've caught a glimpse of the frame, which appears to be a steel trellis configured to contain large battery packs and an electric motor. While not as wild as the MotoCzysz E1pc, its closest rival, the Mission One should still turn in a seriously fast lap of the 37.7-mile mountain course. The top speed of the road bike is 150mph, expect the racer to be capable of at least that much.

Next week Thomas Montano will be conducting final testing around the Isle of
Man's roads. The Mission One is the only TTXGP competitor that we have
power and torque figures for, well at least for the road bike: 140bhp
(est) and 100lb/ft of torque. What we don't know the weight, likely to
far exceed conventional gas-powered superbikes thank to the batteries.
The road-going version goes on sale next year for $68,995.

We've been told by the TTXGP that there should be a live video stream
of the race online. We'll confirm details in the next few days, but you
can expect to find coverage here regardless.

Mission Motors via Autopia

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