Category: Dailies

The Mission One just completed a 30 mile simulated run in the East Bay mountain roads of California. The video of the event only shows a relatively boring glimpse of the run, but we already know the thing corners. Most importantly we get to see the Mission One racer in what looks to be its TTXGP full race trim.


Very curvy and and organic with almost none of the fashionable hard lines we've grown accustomed to in current superbike design, the Mission One is more akin to a land speed racer or an early Aprilia RS3 Cube. This is especially so of the bulbous curves and folds of the tail section. We think that's a good thing. The streamlined "M" on the nose feels classy, giving the fairing subtle definition. It's a great touch of branding as well.

Whether the battery or motor configuration has changed is unknown, but we do get to hear the sound of bike for the first time. Naturally it has the very distinct and spooky whine of high-powered electric bikes.


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