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This is the Mission One TTXGP entry, a modified version of the 150mph Mission One electric superbike that goes on sale next year. Equipped with a far less designy and far more aerodynamic fairing, this bike should be capable of exceeding its road-going sibling's top speed. That oversized fairing should also be just the thing for the race, enabling the Mission One to make the most not only of its 100lb/ft of torque, but also the limited range of its batteries.

We know that this is a rough-and-ready race bike, but compared to the
completed MotoCzysz E1pc, this thing looks thrown together. Note how
unfinished and haphazardly placed the tubes of the steel trellis are
compared to that MotoCzysz frame, here they make us think that there
were significant last-minute modifications made either because this was
indeed a last-minute project or because something went very wrong in
the development process.

Note the complete lack of sponsorship. With Brammo bringing in Best Buy
money for the Brammo Enertia TTR, this also indicates a rushed
development process.

For an indication of how big this bike is, check out its scale in
relation to the Öhlins forks, this thing is big. We'd hazard a guess at
something near the size of the megalithic Kawasaki ZX-12R. Like that
bike, the Mission One has a radically aerodynamic front fairing, with
fairing extending downwards to be as close to the front wheel as

Hopefully we'll see the Mission One in action during the TTXGP's first Mountain Course practice tomorrow.


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