Mixing Trials and Enduro


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A unique event happened in Brazil over the weekend. Red Bull Cross Choice combined the typical Enduro format and terrain — this time hewn from a sugar cane field — with precipitous, low-speed obstacles more commonly tackled by trials bikes. There was a lot of crashing.

Photos: Marcelo Maragni

Each obstacle section on the course was divided into four "gates," allowing riders to choose which to attack on each lap. Rather than choosing the easiest or most familiar, the winning strategy ended up as going for the one with the least number of riders lying in the middle of it.

"On all the technical parts, the riders could choose between four gates with different obstacles," explains victor Brian Capper. "Some of them, of course, were harder but I always went for the one with less riders on it."

Drawing a variety of riders from both Enduro and Trials disciplines, the combination of high-speed jumps and low-speed obstacles seemed to challenge everyone. Enduro riders were left flummoxed by the stacks of tires and lumber, Trials riders were sketched out by being in the air over long distances.

The Brazilian event brought one other unique challenge — the sugarcane. "“I could not see what I was approaching because the sugarcane was so high and I could not see who was approaching from behind," says second place finisher Alex Raga.


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