Looks like Moto Morini is getting in on the giant supermoto game by sticking 17s and sticky rubber on the Granpasso adventure tourer. That creates a pretty diverse range for a manufacturer as small as Moto Morini; in all our travels we've never even seen one.
Start counting and this bike gives the company eight bikes, all built
around the same steel trellis frame and 1187cc water-cooled v-twin. The
only differentiation is spec and styling, with on-road models like the
1200 Sport being differentiated from off-road bikes like the Scrambler
only by engine and suspension tuning and tires.

Morini engineers revealed to Motociclismo.it that, like the Granpasso,
the Motard will use the 118bhp version of the engine, possibly with a
few tweaks. That puts it right in between the air-cooled Ducati
and the upcoming 1198-engined Ducati Strada Aperta.

We dig the funky styling created by stripping the windshield off the
Granpasso's crazy front end, but somehow doubt we'll ever have the
pleasure of being spooked by seeing it in our rearview mirror. Expect
an official unveil at EICMA in November.

Motociclismo.it via Asphalt and Rubber

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