Are you a whacky Japanese artist who blends the lines between high and low art with thirty-foot sculptures of bizarre, yet cuddly creatures? Well, Moto Morini's got the giant supermoto for you. Not only is the Moto Morini Prototipo V12M01 huge, but it's also freakishly appealing and features the huge, wide set eyes that have made generations of anime girls and cuddly creatures look so damn cute. Based on the Moto Morini Granpasso adventure tourer, the V12M01 is, at once, a totally logical conclusion and a completely nonsensical motorcycle. The 1187cc 87º v-twin makes 126.5bhp and 83lb/ft, powering an overall weight of 198kg/436lbs (dry). In short, it's a tuned Granpasso with 17s, high-mount exhausts, no windscreen and barely any front fender. We'd ride one while carrying an umbrella and standing up for the rights of ghost creatures suffering under the oppression of an evil witch. Specs below.

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