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Isn't it annoying how reality has a way of destroying your fantasies? The Moto Morini Scrambler makes us dream of carving through the mountain passes that lead up to the muddy goat trail that connects our isolated escape in the Andes to the outside world. A waxed cotton Belstaff Trailmaster and Ruby Pavillon would be our protection of choice and somehow our imagination's camera would be forever placed at the exit of slippery corners, perfectly placed to capture our heroic power slides.


Of course, all of this exists only as a fleeting thought. We neither
own a home in the Andes nor even the ones we live in now. The
Scrambler's powerful 1187cc v-twin would make a mockery of the 19"
front wheel and knobby tires on the road, while the road-focused
suspension and 198kg (dry) weight would make it extremely unwieldy off
of it.

We'll continue to appreciate the Scrambler for packing Italian style
and 117bhp into a romantic package, just like we'll have nothing but
admiration for those committed enough to ride one. But, we'll also
continue to buy bikes based on their realistic ability, not theoretical

Moto Morini says the Scrambler should enter production some time in
early 2009, it will be available with a host of classy leather luggage
and other accessories capable of making it marginally practical.

Moto Morini

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