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Recognizing that a stylish electric urban runabout is essentially a mobile luxury good, the Motobecane Motivo seeks to make interaction between man and machine equivalent to a fancy set of luggage or a nice piece of furniture. The leather suitcase occupying the traditional tank/engine area is, in fact, the battery pack. It detaches into an easily portable form that wouldn't look out of place being taken upstairs into a snooty office or posh apartment eliminating both the biggest complaint about electric bikes -- they're hard to recharge -- and the biker stereotype.

Our favorite part of the Motivo is actually the way Spanish designer
Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez has incorporated old-fashioned tactility
into a thoroughly contemporary concept. Items like the wooden grips,
cork saddle and leather battery case are immediately evocative of
function and a classic sense of blue-blooded adventure, we'd love to
see something similar incorporated into a future café racer or street tracker.

The Motivo would look perfect complemented by a functional tweed riding
suit from Nick Ashley or Dashing Tweeds, allowing riders to eschew
traditional biker chic in favor of something more civilized.

Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez via The New Cafe Racer Society

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