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"After attending meetings around the world, it was clear that there currently is little interest in standard gas ICE (internal combustion engines) all of the interest, money and deals are happening in alternative fuels and electric," says Michael Czysz, describing how the MotoCzysz E1 electric motorcycle project started. Unable to secure funding for a road-going superbike or a the much-maligned MotoGP entry, MotoCzysz is moving into an area where cash is available: green transportation. The E1 will race at the TTXGP next month, providing competition for both the Brammo TTR and Mission One.

We have to admit that we were pretty skeptical that MotoCzysz would be
able to put together an electric bike in time for the Isle of Man TT,
but it appears that by using its existing C1 chassis and running gear,
it might just make it to the Mountain Course.

Michael describes that approach as a "Digital Superbike" saying,
"MotoCzysz is not just pursuing an electric motorcycle (that sounds
like such a slow downer) but a bigger concept using electric drives -
the "Digital Superbike". The Digital Superbike, like your computer, has
"open architecture" and can be upgraded and reconfigured. This is
definitely an industry first and may be a major paradigm shift in the
way people buy and own motorcycles. The sound of progress is building
in volume...keep your ears open."

That sound like the exact same approach Neal Saiki pioneered at Zero Motorcycles,
designing a bespoke chassis that could last through years of
production, upgrading components and especially the battery and
electric motor as technology advances.

We'll bring you more on the suddenly non-fictional MotoCzysz E1 and the TTXGP as the June 12 race draws near.

MotoCzysz via The Kneeslider

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