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Capable of speed and definitely making a racket, the MotoCzysz E1pc has completed a solid run on the dyno wearing a full set of batteries along with all three motors in place. The output figures are obscured but the speed is clearly indicated at 122mph, though whether this is the final engine/battery configuration to be run for the race is yet to be clarified.


More than anything, we're curious about the final weight of the machine in full dress. Combined, the slotted ten batteries are a massive unit, and we're guessing rather heavy as well. Another oddity is the choice of very narrow placement for the rear-sets which nearly abut the two back slabs of batteries. From what we can tell, the spacing between left and right pegs looks like it could possibly be more narrow than the pedals of a bicycle. We're hoping that the final answer to footrests just isn't being shown in finished configuration until later.

Regardless, watching an electric prototype racebike spin up to over 120 mph so effortlessly has us very excited. The TTXGP is definitely the most exciting race of the year.

via autobloggreen

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