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Pictures just in from the Isle of Man appear to indicate that the MotoCzysz E1pc has again failed to complete a full lap of the mountain course in practice. If the team fails to complete a successful lap in under 50 minutes during an official practice session, it will not qualify to participate in the TTXGP. There are no more official practice sessions scheduled between now and Friday's race.

Update: Mission Motors president Edward West says, "What is ultimately going to happen is that all of the teams that completed at least one of the qualifying laps will be allowed to race, and this will include MotoCzysz.  The atmosphere amongst the teams is much more of camaraderie than competition, and we, as well as all the race officials, hope to see them in the final."


The TTXGP rules state:

For the TTXGP Race competitors must complete one lap on the TTXGP machine within the qualifying time.
Any competitor who does not attain the required number of laps or qualification time may not be permitted into the race.
All practices, except those held on Saturday 30th May 2008, will be officially timed and count towards qualification (including race day practices).

Practice sessions will be on June 8 and June 10 2009. The qualifying time is 50 Minutes.

We are, however, seeing rumors that all entrants may be allowed to
start the race regardless of qualifying times or even complete laps.
Anyone have more info?


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