Motorcycle Gear That Doubles As A Halloween Costume


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You spend a good chunk of your time riding motorcycles and wearing armor, so you’re basically a superhero already. You might as well make that work in your favor when it comes to Halloween, right? Here’s how to do it yourself with gear you already own, plus we’ll show you some of the latest gear options that are Halloween-ready out of the box.

DIY = Do It Yourself


Thor's Impact Rig works nicely for most outfits.

Motocross armor is used in costume design for pretty much every action movie involving a superhero, alien, fictitious race, or different planet. You can buy it cheap, it’s usually black, sans brightly colored logos, and can be worn under or over your clothing depending on the desired result.


The Rocketeer helmet is one of the best custom helmets we've seen.

Motorcycle helmets can also be used, but take a little more work and a lot more commitment if you want it to look awesome. Your best bet is buy a super cheap helmet, some spray paint and Styrofoam, then turn it into a Predator or Master Chief helmet. Use something light and that breathes well since you’ll be wearing it a long time, and make sure it’s a helmet you don’t need to transform back for regular use as any modifications may prohibit its ability to keep you safe.


Thor' Deflector Gloves would be perfect for most costumes.

Motorcycle gloves are basically Halloween costume items as is. They’re perfect for your Predator or Batman outfit as long as they’re all black and have as many ridges and armored plates as possible. Go for MX gloves if available as your hands will sweat less.


Alpinestars SMX Plus boots give you comfort with an aggressive look.

Boots complete your Halloween look. Fortunately, Halloween is a late night holiday, which means you can usually get away without having to color coordinate them to your outfit. Their size and height is enough to look the part. I didn’t realize Angel’s pitcher CJ Wilson hadn’t matched the color of his boots to his Iron Man outfit until he sent me the photo above.


Universal Designs Replicas license the costume design of popular action hero characters directly from the film studios to create fully functioning motorcycle suits in their likeness. Suits include Batman, Superman, Star Wars, TRON, and G.I. JOE.


Death Spray Customs partner with different gear brands to create their wildly-designed products. These aren’t necessarily intended for Halloween, but they might as well be.


Russian company NLO make a street legal Predator helmet you can buy for $780. They even offer a wide variety of options for customization, including a laser-controlled aimer, at additional cost.


If you just want people to think you’re both really fast and really crazy, this AGV GP-Tech has Rossi’s wide-eyed face on top, positioned perfectly for when riding in full tuck. Or, you can send them your own picture instead.

Out of ideas? Just do an image search for “costume motorcycle helmets.” If all else fails, you can always be Daft Punk.

Do you know of any other DOT costume motorcycle helmets? Share them in the comments section below.

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