Motorcycle Gear That Doubles As A Halloween Costume


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Universal Designs Replicas license the costume design of popular action hero characters directly from the film studios to create fully functioning motorcycle suits in their likeness. Suits include Batman, Superman, Star Wars, TRON, and G.I. JOE.


Death Spray Customs partner with different gear brands to create their wildly-designed products. These aren’t necessarily intended for Halloween, but they might as well be.


Russian company NLO make a street legal Predator helmet you can buy for $780. They even offer a wide variety of options for customization, including a laser-controlled aimer, at additional cost.


If you just want people to think you’re both really fast and really crazy, this AGV GP-Tech has Rossi’s wide-eyed face on top, positioned perfectly for when riding in full tuck. Or, you can send them your own picture instead.

Out of ideas? Just do an image search for “costume motorcycle helmets.” If all else fails, you can always be Daft Punk.

Do you know of any other DOT costume motorcycle helmets? Share them in the comments section below.

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