Champagne, white gloves, wicker picnic baskets, Jay Leno, Bugatti Veyrons. Yeah, that combination of words disgusts us too and it pretty much sums up the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, which will be featuring bikes for the first time this August. Wait, don't us greasy, counterculture bikers have our own fancy bike and C-list celebrity event in the form of Legend of the Motorcycle? Not anymore, it's been canceled this year and may be taken to an every-other-year schedule for lack of sponsorship. Enter Pebble Beach.

This year's motorcycle class will focus on British bikes built before
1960. So expect brands like Vincent, Brough Superior, Norton, BSA,
Velocette, Triumph and Ariel. That sounds pretty cool, but Pebble beach
is the exclusive preserve of snobby rich people bitching about matching
numbers and correct ostrich skin patina on $25 million restoration
projects. Bikes are about riding, not getting snobby over. We refer you
to David Cronenberg's "The Italian Machine" for a more elegant
summation of this opinion.

Pebble Beach

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