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The biggest advantage of electric motorcycles isn't their lack of pollution, but rather their lack of noise. This applies both off-road and on, eliminating in one fell swoop the biggest objection Joe Average and Nancy Normal have to motorcycles. Recognizing this, the designers at MOTOrepublic have created the Beta and imagined a future of inner city racetracks.

Like the Goodspeed 500, MOTOrepublic recognizes that one of the biggest
barriers to mainstream acceptance of motorcycle racing is the far-flung
nature of the races. If there was someway to bring those races to the
natural habitat of adventurous young people -- cities -- then you might
just be able to reach a non-redneck audience. Unlike Goodspeed, which
wants to use existing parking structures as makeshift venues,
MOTOrepublic envisions purpose built tracks; made possible by their
race machine's silent propulsion. Clearly MOTOrepublic is intended to
be a bit further into the future than Goodspeed.

The Beta's designers are attempting to find new ways to create a
performance motorcycle free of the constraints of an internal
combustion engine. As such, they're exploring new ultra-thin
exoskeleton frame concepts that are just big enough to contain whatever
running gear is necessary. We like the look, which uses a battering
ram-like headlight/onboard camera structure to evoke a sense of
immediate speed and power, continuing the strength theme in the solid,
single-piece body.

MOTOrepublic are currently working on a full-scale prototype. The next
step, if funding can be found, will be a running example. Let's hope
they have one in time to compete in the zero-emissions TTXGP.


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