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Look closely, this isn't the Honda CB1100 Customize Concept that was shown alongside the production Honda CB1100 back in September, but rather a customized version of that production bike from Mugen. It's hard to tell the difference, so look at this Mugen's weedier forks, rear grab handles, smaller "Mugen" branded seat hump and slightly darker shade of red, those're the changes. Not bad, this is a near direct interpretation of concept to reality. Are we getting any CB1100 here in the US? Well, it's up to American Honda's product planners, who are under pressure from across the company to find a way to bring it in.

There don't appear to be any actual mechanical changes over the standard
CB1100, which is a little disappointing. While the 1140cc
air/oil-cooled inline-four makes a fairly convincing case for a retro
standard, 87bhp and 535lbs (wet) don't translate terribly well into a
more performance-oriented bike. We'd like to see clip-ons beefier forks,
some basic engine work and wider wheels that could fit stickier rubber.
Guess that's not the point though, you could always do that yourself.

Like the Customize Concept, this Mugen gains the silver bikini fairing,
black fenders, bullet seat and megaphone exhaust over the standard

Mugen via BikeEXIF

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