Murphy’s Law for Motorcycles


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Murphy’s Law - Clause 6: You will never have a puncture on the road until you leave the tire repair kit at home in your garage.

Murphy’s Law - Clause 7: The chances of finding a motel or camping spot while out on the road are directly related to how late in the day it is and what the weather is like. If it’s dark and raining you’re going to be riding a long time before you find anything suitable.

Murphy’s Law - Clause 8: You’ve spent weeks in a parking lot practicing how to do a wheelie on your bike. You’ve now got it down to a fine art and know exactly what you are doing. First time you attempt it out on the road you pass the local police officer parked in his cruiser. He also happens to dislike motorcycles.

Murphy’s Law - Clause 9: When your throttle cable snaps it will always happen in the sketchiest part of town. You’ll coast to a halt alongside a group of suspicious looking characters who are at first curious as to what you’re doing on their turf and then would like to charge you for any assistance they offer you.

Murphy’s Law - Clause 10: The one and only part that you really, really need for your motorcycle will be the only item that is on permanent backorder. How long it takes to eventually arrive is also proportional to how badly you want it.

Murphy’s Law is a case of hoping that some of these things will never happen to you but you know deep down that in reality they one day will. It’s not a case of if with Murphy’s Law but more a case of when.

What additions do you have to add to this list?

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