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The MV Agusta F3 is being teased with these two shots of its sexy ass. What do they tell us? This thing is small. The only details out of MV are that this is the real deal and that it displaces 600cc rather than the rumored 675cc-ish capacity.

Update: more photos!

We can also spot a very light-looking steel trellis frame, taillights straight off the 2010 MV Agusta F4, but the GP-style exhaust is obscured by the single-sided swingarm and rear wheel. Wheels appear to be exotic star-spoked items, also similar to those of the F4. As is now standard practice for sportsbikes, the front brake calipers are radial and the forks are upside down.

In the fuzzy photos of the front, we see a bike that's shockingly similar to the F4, complete with diamond-shaped headlight and a very small and very swept-back front fairing. You'd think MV would have more than one bike design in them, right?

The long-awaited little brother to the F3 was finalized with Harley money, but its release was delayed by Milwaukee's decision to unload MV just a year after it bought it, then the drawn out sale process that eventually resulted in Harley paying Claudio Castiglioni, who they bought the company from in the first place, €20 million to take MV off its hands. The F3 was essentially sitting around waiting for a new owner so it could be revealed.

Numerous spy photos have shown a three-exit exhaust, suggesting that the F3 uses a three-cylinder engine. Along with SuperSport rules that allow a larger capacity for triples, it was assumed that the F3 would mimic the Triumph Daytona 675 and displace something similar to the Daytona's capacity.

Nice big pictures in the gallery below, take a close look and let us know if you spot anything else. Also, looks like MV was playing favorites and sent a few more shots than they sent us, we've added those to the gallery.

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