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Based on the non-S Hypermotard, the Limted Edition Neiman Marcus Ducati Hypermotard adds a full Termignoni exhaust system with accompanying ECU, a single seat, a fairly tacky Tricolore paint job and a handful of carbon fiber gewgaws. It's priced at $17,995. But can the additions and the supposed exclusivity brought by the limited numbers justify the $6,000 premium?


Here's how the additions breakdown:

- Exhaust system: $2520.25

- Performance ECU: included in the above

- Single seat unit: $500 (estimated)

- Smattering of carbon fiber: $500 (estimated)

- Custom paint: $1500 (estimated)

- Total: $5020.25

Given those prices, Ducati is making an extra $979.75 on each NM
Hypermotard sold. Of course, since those are retail prices for each
accessory, we have to assume that each item already has a healthy
amount of profit built into its price.

Can the Neiman Marcus badge justify the premium? We don't think so.
Neiman Marcus is hardly an aspirational brand these days, and with only
a few accessories added to stock bikes, these are unlikely to become
collector's items.

Perhaps the best argument against the NM Edition is the Hypermotard
1100S, which retails for a comparatively cheap $14,495 and brings with
it genuine performance upgrades in the form of Öhlins suspension and
Brembo Monobloc calipers. Then there's the new Ducati 1198, which will
start at about $16,495 and the Ducati Fighter, which sticks the
outgoing 1099cc engine from the 1098 into a naked chassis and should be
priced in the $14-15,000 range.

If we were Ducati and we wanted to increase the Hypermotard's presence
in the luxury lifestyle accessory market -- which we're guessing is the
supposed intention behind putting it in the Neiman Marcus catalog --
we'd work with credible artists, designers and customizers to create
one-off or limited edition specials with a significant level of unique
appeal. We'd also work with actually credible, aspirational retailers
and locations to place those bikes where a non-traditional motorcycle
audience could see them. But hey, what do we know?

Neiman Marcus Ducati

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