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The new V-Max embargo is leaking like a sieve. Scheduled for unveiling on June 4, we already know what the 2009 V-Max looks like and that it makes 210bhp from its 1800cc v4. And now we can show you what the V-Max looks like from behind, its engine in detail, and even inside the heads.


Check out the huge, drag-style shift light mounted next to the
tachometer. Yamaha intends for that to be a potent visual symbol of the
V-Max’s intended use. We also like the LED rear lights, but aren’t such
big fans of the tiny exhausts hidden in the huge plasticy canisters and
the lack of a passenger grab handle. These pictures also confirm that
the new V-Max will use shaft drive, which will disappoint those hoping
for compromise-free performance. We’ll being you more pictures and
details on June 4, when they’re officially released, or, more likely,
as they slowly trickle out before then.


via Two Wheels Blog

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