New web comedy captures biker culture


Category: Dailies

A year ago, a rag tag band of creative types from Belfast set out to create a web comedy series about bikers, raising funds through KickStarter to make it happen. Now, the 13-episode first season of "The Clandestine" is about to premier. You can watch it ahead of time.

So far, we've gotten through four episodes of that season and are definitely enjoying it. "The Clandestine" revels in its hokey authenticity, managing to better capture authentic biker culture than any of the cliched, stereotypical, Sons of Anarchy-style stuff ever does. Like fully grown leather men dressing up in leather shouldn't, the show doesn't take itself too seriously.

Set in Belfast, "The Clandestine" tells the story of disaffected office types trying to recapture a sense of adventure and purpose in their lives by taking up riding. They do so in the sincerest pastiche of the whole American biker thing possible, introducing a healthy dose of European culture along the way.

Want to start watching episodes? Visit The Clandestine website and leave your email.

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