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Is this a glimpse into the future of Big Red? At the Osaka (Japan) Motorcycle Show, Honda took the covers off of two versions of its new production model "NM4," said to be planned for production in the near future.

Honda often develops keywords for its concept bikes, words that help their design and engineering team to measure the bike against emotional goals. For the 2014 Honda NM4 Vultus concept bike, the keywords were "Neo-futuristic" and "provocative." The limited photographic evidence that we've seen so far seems to suggest that Honda's designers have hit the target.

2014 Honda NM4 Concept Bike

There's a definite kinship with the CTX design language, with long, low and horizontal elements prevailing. Full LED lighting, swept-back handlebars and sleek, integrated luggage and bodywork take the visual impact of the CTX family a step further into the future. The Honda NM4 Vultus is announced with a seriously low seat height (650 mm or 25.59"), a 745cc inline two-cylinder engine and a dual clutch transmission, riding on an 18" front and 17" rear wheel. The rear tire is 200 mm wide, which should give the bike an aggressive look from the rear.

No word yet on a production date, or whether or not we'll get to see the NM4 here in the United St.

2014 Honda NM4 Concept Bike

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