News: AGV Corsa Earns Highest SHARP Safety Rating


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Britains SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Review Program) conducts the most comprehensive motorcycle helmet tests in the world. The process subjects seven identical helmet to a battery of impacts in the front, rear, top, and both sides. Glancing hits to the side of the helmet are also evaluated, and accelerometers inside the helmet measure the force of each impact.

Helmets are then awarded a star rating between one and five depending on how well they attenuate the forces of a crash. Less than 15% of helmets receive the top marks, a five-star rating. While you don’t need a five-star helmet to protect yourself, racers and performance oriented riders on the street trust their lives to their gear, and SHARP provides a more comprehensive evaluation of a helmet’s value in a crash than DOT, ANSI and SNELL certifications which only outline a minimum standard.

The AGV Corsa helmet earned a five-star SHARP rating earlier this week when it provided the highest possible levels of impact attenuation in testing. The Corsa also offers a quick release, anti-scratch face shield with mounting for tear offs, massiv ventilation ducts, and a fully removable liner packaged in a lightweight aramid, fiberglass, and carbon fiber shell. And if that wasn’t enough you can even get one painted with the wide-eyed turtle Valentino Rossi sported at Mugello in 2013.

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