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Take two adrenalin-fueled masochists with all their concentration solely focussed on winning, put them on the same roads at the same time and something like this is invariably going to happen. That doesn't lessen the impact watching Adrian Archibald cut off Guy Martin with millimeters to spare as the two are flat out on their 600s. If my sphincter tightened this much at home, I can't imagine Guy's reaction. Gary Inman compared the psychology of TT racers to that of soldiers or fighter pilots, this video really drives that home.

The TT actually staggers starts and riders are racing against the clock,
not each other, but that doesn't mean there aren't passes as a faster
rider catches up to a slower one. If Guy was fighting this hard for
second place, only to have it stripped for a minor speed infraction in
the pit lane, then it explains why he was so damned pissed at the press

Today's TT racing, including the TT Zero, has been postponed till tomorrow due to rain.

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