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One of the sad realities of riding a motorcycle is that no matter how safe you ride, how much gear you wear or how observant you are, car drivers will still do their best to kill you. In most cases this isn't intentional, in some cases it's not the result of incompetence or lack of attention, but rather a mental block created because car drivers look for other cars, not motorcycles; they're not thinking bikes, so they don't see them, which causes accidents. That's the premise for Transport for London's long-running "Think Bike" campaign, it wants to shock car drivers into thinking about motorcycles while they're driving. It works.

Where previous campaigns have focused on gruesome crashes and some have
even been interpreted as anti-motorcycle, M&C Saatchi's new ad
instead focuses on describing the problem at hand in a credible graphic
format. We don't know if it'll be as impactful to such a wide
demographic as its blood and guts predecessors, but it's exciting to
see the topic addressed in an intelligent, creative way.

Transport For London

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