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Ducati is throwing their full weight behind Ducati Hudson Valley, Orange County Choppers' new venture, giving the dealership the first Streetfighter to arrive on US soil. OCC is better known for its unique brand of father/son homoeroticism and lame choppers than it is high-end sportsbikes and luxury goods. OCC also unveiled a custom Ducati Monster 1100, replete with non-functional carbon accessories, a bitchin' spider web 'n Venom airbrush job and even a spider web clutch cover.

Correction: According to Ducati North America, the Streetfighter was a display bike only and OCC/Ducati Hudson Valley haven't yet taken delivery of one.

The OCC née Ducati Hudson Valley showroom will be the first "Ducati
Retail Design Project." As such it will feature custom stands for each
bike incorporating elements unique to each model's character; the
Monster will use a curvy mountain road, the Ducati 848 a race track, etc.
While that sounds pretty tacky, we'll reserve judgment till we've seen

Cadillac once forced us to visit OCC's new showroom in Newburgh, NY and
it couldn't have been less about motorcycles. While there's a line of
cheesy OCC customs surrounding the perimeter, 99% of the floor space is
devoted to novelty t-shirts, mugs, thongs, caps and other nonsense. The
bikes themselves are roped off and didn't appear to be for sale.

It also looks like Ducati Hudson Valley has received the first Ducati Streetfighter to reach US shores; established dealers aren't expected
to receive their first bikes until next month.

via Autoblog

Thanks for the tip, Jason.

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