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The Ouroboros is an ancient greek symbol of a snake eating its own tail that's meant to represent cyclicality, so the name is likely a riff on the oval laps of a flat track race. The Ouroboros Zaeta is a competition-ready flat tracker powered by a 450cc Yamaha single-cylinder housed in a bespoke J&M frame. Attached to that are 38mm Showa forks, Braking discs front and rear, an aluminum gas tank and little else. The total weight is just 101kg (wet). Graziano Rossi (his kid's famous or something) and his business partner intend to get the contraption homologated for street use in Italy, then begin selling them for about €13,000 ($18,400). When that happens, it'll become the first production motorcycle that's capable of winning both flat track races and riding to work in a semi-legal fashion.

via Sideburn and TwoWheelsBlog

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