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Such is our wonderment at the stupefyingly perfect design and ability of the Monotracer that we’ve been putting off posting on it for fear of failing to do it justice. We’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it’s probably impossible to do so in blog format, and we’re OK with that. For now.

To give you a taste of just how capable the Monotracer is, it can seat two people and 200-liters of their luggage in climate-controlled luxury, while leaning over at 52 degrees in excess of 155mph. That it can do all that and look this good just stupefies us. Never mind that it rips off the Audi R8’s sideblades — Audi never incorporated stabilizer wheels that touch down at maximum lean.

If being built in Switzerland isn’t enough to ally fears of small-manufacturer quality bugbears, then the company politely refers you to the 90 Ecomobiles they’ve built and the 12 million kilometers they’ve collectively covered.

The Monotracer uses an 1176cc BMW K-series engine and shaft drive. They list no official top speed, but hint at 186mph, which, given its aerodynamic shape, seems entirely possible. Wow, this thing is cool.

Peraves Monotracer

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