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Aprilia finally got round to publishing more than three photos of the 2010 Aprilia Shiver 750. Rather than an all-new bike, this Shiver is a facelift, with revisions made to address  owner criticisms like flawed ergonomics and a too-tall seat as well as freshening up the looks.

Update: now there's video.

In addition to being .2 inches lower at 31.5 inches tall, the seat is 2
inches narrower, a change that should make it much easier for shorter
riders to reach the ground. The pegs are also further back and the bars
are further forward, creating a sportier riding position with more of
the rider's weight over the front wheel. Perhaps the biggest mechanical
change is the reduction in rear wheel width from 6.0 to 5.5." The same
180/55 rear tire is retained, meaning the narrower wheel will squeeze
the tire together a bit more, creating a taller profile and thus
speeding up the steering. There's also wavy brakes discs.If that all
sounds a little underwhelming, it is, the big story here is the new

If we were to describe to you an Italian v-twin roadster that's
substantially cheaper than a Ducati Monster 1100, equipped with a 95bhp,
750cc v-twin and high-tech features like a two-part cast-aluminum/steel
trellis frame and ride-by-wire with switchable throttle maps you'd think
we were describing a sales success, right? The problem is, we're not.
Hopefully adding "sharp looks" to that description swings the balance in
the Shiver's favor.

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