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Photo: Noel O'Reilly

Hidden somewhere in this fireball is Guy Martin, as this exclusive picture was snapped he and his Honda CBR1000RR were sliding down the Isle of Man TT course in a ball of flames. The incident would go on to red flag Friday's Senior TT race, break several of Guy's ribs, bruise his lungs, fracture two of his vertebrae and twist both his ankles.

Update: Another photo below, this time showing the bike as it was delivered back to Guy's shop.

Update 2: And yet another photo, this one showing the CBR1000RR flying down the road at the head of a fireball.

Update 3: Another action photo below.


The crash occurred at Glen Vine on Guy's third lap, a fast left/right
section of the course. According to eyewitness reports, guy lost the
front end at about 150mph, causing his bike to slide down the road at high speed. The
racer reportedly separated from the bike early in the crash, before it
caught on fire, meaning he was on the fringes of this deadly fireball.

Guy has been working with Dainese to develop the D-Air airbag-equipped leather suit. While the Italian company has stated that he was gathering data for a new road-going version of D-Air during the Senior TT, it's
not clear if the suit was  equipped with functional airbags. If it was,
they could be credited with limited the severity of Guy's injuries.

This was the first time a Senior TT has ever been red flagged, a
decision apparently taken because the fire, which spread to a wall of
hay bales, engulfed most of the track and required fire trucks to drive
on course to extinguish it.

Judging by the action photos in the gallery above, which also come from
the Senior, Guy was on quite a pace before the incident occurred. In fact his first lap out was his fastest ever: 131.108mph. He's
expected to make a full recovery.

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