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A group of Buell fans upset that Harley killed Buell, apparently with no reason, have devised a way to subvert every Harley message on Twitter. They've created a program that automatically replies to any tweet containing "Harley" or "Harley-Davidson" with an anti-Harley, pro-Buell message. As you can see above, we've demonstrated this, tweeting the kind of thing we're guessing the average Harley rider talks about. Soon after, we received that reply. So how's it work?

Here's their explanation:

When you twitter posting either contains the term Harley or Harley-Davidson, you will receive an unexpected answer from a twitter user named [Redacted at user's request] after a random time between 15 minutes and two hours.....

What does this little beast do with the help of twitter API and some bits and pieces of Script?

It scans ALL tweets for the term and answers with a random sentence:

'Always remember #BUELL if you talk about Harley Davidson!',
'Hey, remember #BUELL if you talk about Harley Davidson!',
'Remember #BUELL FOREVER! Harley Davidson? NEVER!',
'It makes me sick, that you dont talk about #BUELL ;-)',
'#BUELL #BUELL #BUELL remember the Harley Davidson #FAIL',
'#BUELL killed by Harley Davidson in 2009. Remember that!',
'#BUELL will never die. Harley Davidson will.'

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