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Spain's BeOn Automotive has developed a kit capable of converting popular 450cc motocross bikes into single-cylinder road racers for the minimum possible effort and cost. Like the RSD SuperSingles, the Project 450GP kit utilizes the stock frame frame and engine, only swapping components like the suspension, bodywork and wheels. All the modifications are easily reversible, meaning that with one bike and this kit, you could race off-road, supermoto or road race.

Kits are currently available for the Kawasaki KXF 450, KTM SXF 450,
Yamaha YZF 450, Honda CRF 450 and Suzuki RMZ 450 and consist of the
following components:

- 43mm USD Marzocchi fork with 120mm travel

- new triple clamps

- modified MX shock

- road race clip-ons and pegs

- 120/70-17 3.5" front rim

- 155/60-17 4.5" rear rim

- Dunlop slicks

- Brembo radial pump and caliper for front brake

- 320mm Sunstar front disc

- new chain and sprockets

- new bodywork, including fuel tank cover

- digital clocks

This results in an end product that, depending on the donor bike,
weighs around 105kg and makes about 55bhp. Price for the kit only is

BeOn is part of a larger, international effort to foster 450cc
single-cylinder road racing. One-off races or small support series are
being organized throughout Europe and there was even one last September at Mid Ohio.

We'd like to see a manufacturer offer kits for road-legal conversions
or even complete bikes and also expand their availability to more
exotic machines like the 2009 Aprilia RXV 450 or Husaberg FE 450,
which, in our minds, would help justify the end cost of the conversion.
In addition to creating fun, accessible racing, such machines could be
the ideal easily exploitable, lightweight road bikes.

BeOn Automotive via Motoblog

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