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Already known for their stylish racing boots -- as worn by Casey Stoner -- Puma has now launched a full line of motorcycle clothing. Oriented towards sports riding and touring, the range encompasses everything from one-piece suits to textile jackets. Setting it apart from rivals like Alpinestars and Dainese is the fashion brand's unique style, which sees the kind of colors, patterns and textures more normally associated with streetwear make their way into high-end safety gear.


For some time we've been hoping to see a fashion sensibility applied to
the normally garish world of motorcycle leathers and it looks like Puma
has at least been partially successful at doing just that. The overall
look is clean and a little retro-futuristic, but some of the color
choices and shapes -- particularly the green leathers and blocky jackets
-- make us think more early 2000s than "2001".


The most successful part of the new range are these SupeRide boots,
which bring a stylish simplicity to the sports boot market. They'd work
well with an understated black two-piece suit, which it sadly seems
isn't on offer.


Having just unveiled the range at the Intermot show two weeks ago, Puma
hasn't yet finalized details of where its new clothing will be sold or
even what most of it will be called. Stay tuned.


Puma via Motorcycle News

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