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"We thought that the Pursang should keep the essence from the golden era of the Spanish motorcycles brands and the dynamic qualities similar to those bikes." Jim Palau-Ribes and Roger Gubert envision a new motorcycle brand combining modern performance with a classic design sensibility.

The two friends started work on the project when they were studying
industrial design and now, eight years later, they want to pick it back
up. We're guessing they got fed up with the hopeless emptiness of
corporate culture and decided they'd be better doing their own thing.
Been there. Now, they plan to build a full-scale prototype early next

The name comes from the Bultaco Pursang, which, backing the late '60s and early '70s was the last word in off-road performance.

The new brand will rely on the expertise both partners have developed
during their time off: Jim as a car designer and Roger as a fashion
entrepreneur. As such, the company aims to sell a range of lifestyle
products conceived from the same period as the bikes.

We'd love to see a range of boutique dirt bikes that didn't compromise
performance in the name of design credibility. To do so, they'd need to
use existing running gear -- engines, suspension, brakes etc -- but
combine it in such a way that there'd be a clear performance benefit
capable of partially justifying the inevitably higher price.

So far, we're impressed both by the cohesiveness of the conceptual
products and the distinctly contemporary twist that's been applied to
the iconic imagery in the promotional video. A good start, but an awful
long way to go.

Pursang via Motorcycle USA

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