Yamaha R1 vs Porsche 911 GT3


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I was minding my own business putting around Mulholland when I came across a silver Porsche 911 GT3 going in the opposite direction closely behind some sportsbikes. Feeling left out, I booked it back to catch up to the GT3. The driver of the GT3 looked unimpressed with his biker rivals and decided to make a U-turn to search for more action. Being the nice guy that I am, I couldn't let him go home disappointed with his two-wheeled opposition. I too made a U-turn and, as soon as my wheel was pointed in the right direction the GT3 floored it.

Photos: Victory John

Exhaust spitting excess gas out of its dual pipes, rocks and dust flying from behind the spinning extra-wide tires. I was gonna follow the GT3 for the whole stretch, but then I remembered how my last battle with a Cadillac CTS-V wagon on this same road went down. It was like following a super fast street sweeper throwing everything in its path towards my helmet and windscreen.

I knew immediately that the Porsche had the advantage exiting the turns due to its flat-six engine conveniently placed at the rear, adding weight load to the extra wide sticky rear tires. So, I decide to take extra risk and lead the battle.

This video was filmed several days after the events described here.

Knowing the grip advantage of the Porsche, I carried more speed into every corner. This tactic proved effective because the GT3 could not enter any turn without cheating and crossing the double yellow to follow me. To take the lead I had to get on the gas harder then ever going into the second fast right hand sweeper, relying on the extra feel the crossplane firing order delivers to push ahead of the GT3 quickly, all the while keeping the rear tire in line so as not to highside over the double yellow line as I made the dip-move (aggressive countersteering) to put myself directly in front of him.

Accelerating hard to put distance between us before trail-braking into the fast decreasing radius bumpy S-turn. Once through the esses, I approach the fast positive camber dirty right hander pinned in 3rd gear barely backing off relying on my Dunlop Sportmax GP-A to provide super grip thru the dirt coated turn. Exiting the dirty right hander, I got my bearings straight and took a breath and relaxed a bit during the short bumpy straight trying to keep the front end in contact with the dirty tarmac.

From this point on, I had the advantage going into the next series of fast S-turns and sweepers. I couldn't quite hear him behind me, but I knew he was close. I put the thought of him behind me (literally) and put my head down for the remainder of the stretch.

Coming up was the best part of the race, local moto-enthusiast photographer Victory John sits in the middle of one the longest sweeping turns on the road. VJ has taken some great shots of me in the past, so I knew this was gonna be epic. Funny because after passing VJ I was ready to quit, all I really wanted were some cool shots to put on my Facebook page. But, I couldn't upset the balance of this battle, it would end in tears if I backed off without warning.

At the final turn, I lowered my left hand and wave to the ground telling him to slow the pace down so we can stop. Once stopped on the side of road, I walked over to the driver to shake his hand and compliment his driving. It's not often I find a driver in a $100,000+ vehicle willing to push it to its limits on the street.  He said he had some track time under his belt, I said the same. Full bucket seats with race harness and no license plate told me this guy’s whole story. I extended my hand, firmly shook his and walked away silently. I will ride hard another day.

Don't try this at home. Adey will likely end up in jail, dead or both.

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