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You know what the Reevu RV MSX1 is. It’s that helmet with a rearview mirror built in that you’ve been hearing about for the last seven years. The product of an independent company, it’s taken that long to fully realize the concept, make it production ready and homologate it for world sale. But, finally, here it is. For $399 you can own a helmet that’s lighter than an Arai Corsair V, meets ECE 22.05 safety standards and lets you see what’s behind you.

The concept here is relatively simple. A hollow channel in the top of the helmet’s shell is lined with lightweight, bulletproof, mirrored polycarbonate. Light travels in an open port at the rear, is sent through that channel and displayed on an adjustable mirror that sits at the top of the rider’s peripheral vision, inside the view port. It’s like adding that central rearview mirror in a car to a motorcycle.

The trick has been making that an affordable production reality that will work for all, or at least most, riders. Since the original concept, the mirror inside the viewport, the one you look at, has been made adjustable to accommodate variable in individual riders’ head shapes and eye locations in relation to the helmet.

Because the reflective elements are made from bullet-proof polycarbonate, they won’t impact helmet safety and don’t add an appreciable amount of weight. Despite the addition of them, the channel they sit in, the viewport mirror and the need to mount an additional visor at the rear, the Reevu RV MSX1 only weighs 1600 grams for a size medium. In comparison, WebBikeWorld found that an XL Arai Corsair V — considered the industry standard for high-end helmets — weighs 1758 grams. Where that Arai retails for $740 in plain colors, the Reevu will be just $399 when it goes on sale in America.

For general helmet specs, the RV MSX1 uses a tricomposite carbon/fiberglass/Kevlar shell and uses three shell sizes across its six head sizes. The mirror cavity doubles as a massive wind tunnel; ventilation is reportedly excellent. Part of the reason for the relatively light weight is that Reevu uses the light, soft and safe ECE 22.05 safety standard as opposed to the harder and heavier Snell M2010. The RV MSX1 carries the ACU Gold stamp of approval for competition use in Europe.

The RV MSX1 has yet to go on sale in the US while Reevu explores distributors here, but it is currently available in England from Just Helmets.

One neat feature is that dark visors for the RV MSX1 aren’t just made to fit the front view port, but the rear optic port too, eliminating glare if the sun is directly behind you.

A racer who’s worn the RV MSX1 on track described the experience for us, “After the first ten minutes or so using the Reevu system is like second nature. You know it’s there but don’t think about it, yet when someone is behind you, you can see them. It’s like having an extra sense.”


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