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My only real knowledge of Estonia is from reading about the fictional country of Elbonia in Dilbert and this new Estonian company, Renard Motorcycles, isn't doing much to redress that. A composite monocoque chassis that houses the airbox, gas tank and oil reservoir, but the innovation stops there, because the rest is a near complete rip-off of JT Nesbitt's seminal Wraith. And we're not just saying that because it's got girder forks, even the seat unit is identical.


The Wraith's real defining characteristic isn't any single component,
but rather an holistic approach to subverting traditional motorcycle
design archetypes with circular forms in place of straight lines. That's
something Renard has tried and failed to imitate with that monocoque
chassis, largely because they missed the original idea. JT didn't pull
the whole circle thing out of his ass, he got the idea by thinking about
the engine he was using -- two cylinders from a radial aircraft engine
-- as a whole and extrapolating from their. Renard's Guzzi motor has
cylinders pointed in the wrong direction, spoiling the flow (the
chassis's just shit ugly too).

Renard describes its bike as a sporty performance cruiser that's
intended for cruising, not sports riding. We don't know why there's a
need for seemingly contradictory repetition in that description, but
it's actually our favorite thing about this whole venture, providing a
nice summary of the performance cruiser class as a whole.

This isn't just another company selling CAD drawings in the hope of
raising investment, it looks like they're actually going to produce a
handful of these in an attempt to raise investment. The eventual plan
calls for production capped at 100 units a year, each retailing for
€75,000. Somehow, we don't see exclusivity being a problem.

Renard Motorcycles

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