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Yoshimura GSX-R1000RR leave you a bit cold? To celebrate the end of the Suzuki Katana's extraordinary 20-year production run, Yoshimura produced this special version using some of the last bikes off the production line in 2001. Shedding a massive 96lbs and gaining something in excess of 55bhp over the stock Katana, the Yoshimura 1135R represented the culmination of everything Yoshimura knew about tuning the 1100cc oil-cooled motor and its steel cradle chassis. It still looks better than nearly any bike that's come out of a Japanese factory since.

The full, yet intriguingly mysterious spec sheet is below, but
we think our favorite parts are the crazy "I've Got The Power!" badge
on the clutch cover and the contrastingly classy embossed black
Yoshimura logo on the tank.

Weight  Stock 241.2kg > Yoshimura 197.8kg

Horsepower Stock 95bhp > Yoshimura over 150bhp

Engine Parts, Accessories & Engine Modification     

74mm Yoshimura Piston Kit

ST-1 Camshaft

Original Hand Bent Titanium Exhaust System

Yoshimura Mikuni TMR-MJN 40mm Carburetor

Throttle Holder Handle Grip

Carburetor Carbon Heat Shield

Original Oil Cooler

Magnesium Engine Cover

Magnesium Cylinder Head Cover

Oil Breather Tank

Clutch Spring

Original Generator Cover (Titanium Cover on Top)

Cylinder Head Porting

Cylinder Boring


Chassis Parts, Accessories & Chassis Modification

Frame Modified Painted

Carbon Front Fender

Original Aluminium Lighten Fuel Tank

Original Triple Clamp (Serial Number Sealed)

Original Rear Sets

FFVS Front Fork Unit Rear Suspension (Yoshimura Setting)

Speed Flow Brake Hose (Front Rear)

Original Seat メJOYモ Special

Small Type Turn Signal

Front Brake Caliper Light Weight Rear Brake Caliper

Disk Brake

Small Light Weight Battery

Original Swing Arms

メMagtanモ Light Weight Wheel

RK 520 Chain

AFAM Sprocket

STUCK Racing Speed Meter Yoshimura original Bracket

Speed Meter Sensor Bracket

MAGICAL Original Carbon Mirror

License Plate Holder

High-Grip Tires

Side Stand Modified

Electrical Parts     

Electrical Parts Plate Modified

Original Wiring Harness

Digital Single Temperature Gauge


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