Ride of the Century, or This is why cops hate sport bikes


Category: Dailies

You can love or hate the stunter scene as much as you want, but just like the crews in Baltimore and New York's Fastest, this is what's happening in motorcycling on the streets right now. This particular Ride of the Century included hundreds of bikers pouring in from all over the country overwhelming the streets and Interstates of St. Louis, MO. The result is a video featuring boatloads of evidence very likely be seen again in a court of law, most notably a biker doing a wheelie in the middle of the day right into oncoming, multi-lane traffic. Even Skank, OneArm, Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil would all call that guy dangerous, right after calling him the stupidest asshole ever. So it's no shocker when the camera catches a cop pulling his gun at a roadblock, or when another stunter flashes his anti-police shirt. But, the dude rolling down the highway, standing backwards on his seat all day, playing with his cell phone like it's no biggie? Epic.

Thanks for the tip, JC!

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