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You know life is good when you’re using frozen chunks of ice as a wind break for a fire and sleeping on ice with 5,600 feet of water underneath. Frenchman Hubert Kriegel is seven years into a 10-year multiple circumnavigation of the globe on a Ural sidecar. These photos and this video were taken last winter as he rode across Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal is the oldest, deepest and most voluminous fresh water lake in the world. It contains 20% of the Earth’s unfrozen fresh water. Located between Russia and Mongolia, it’s 395 miles long and 49 miles wide. It freezes solid in the winter, but it’s not a uniformly smooth surface. As the water underneath flows, huge cracks appear and plate of ice are lifted up, forming unsurpassable obstacles. Hubert describes this as an “ice maze.” It took him several attempts just to make it through.

No studs were necessary in the sidecar’s tires. The Ural’s 2WD was enough.

Do yourself a favor and devote a couple hours to Hubert's website, The Timeless Ride.

Thanks, Ilya.

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