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We can think of about 1,000 reasons why this Rocketshields canopy is a bad idea. But despite visions of crosswinds running through our heads, it still has merit, if for the original thinking alone. For nearly as many reasons, sportsbikes make ideal commuters, offering light weight, reliability and the kind of safety that comes with sheer competence, but they're uncomfortable. If a canopy like this could overcome the huge challenges it faces — aerodynamics, vision and safety, to name a few — it could prove the ideal way to convert your dream weekend ride to a practical weekday commuter. Probably the most clever thing here is the way it uses stock mounting points, meaning attachment requires no modifications and only a few minutes of effort. Once it's off, that's it. No one has to know that, by day, you wear an Aerostich Roadcrafter.

via The Kneeslider

Thanks for the tip, Doug

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