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The Bell Star C-Note is the fruit of a new collaboration between the helmet maker and custom bike designer Roland Sands. Featuring a graphical tribute to a $100 bill (hence the name), the special edition Star will retail for $699 (compared to the plain Star's $550). The extra money is justified not only by the charitable contribution made to the Feed Roland fund, but also by the C-Note's incredibly elaborate paint job, which is the most complex Bell has ever created.



The level of detail Roland has applied to the C-Note is staggering,
with something new to see on nearly every square inch. We also like the
packaging, which will make the helmet an even more attractive
proposition to consumers and continues the RSD branding to great


We just took our new Bell Star out for a track day and couldn't be happier
with its comfort, fit, ventilation, looks and overall quality. While
not quite up to Arai RX-7 GP levels of fit and finish, the Star isn't
far behind and undercuts its Japanese competition by at least $100.


Roland chose the $100 bill for the graphics due to his consummate
respect for Benjamin Franklin's contribution both to American Democracy
and technological progress. If Ben was alive today, we 're sure he'd be
positively electrocuted.


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