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Looks like Roland Sands is finally tackling his ambition to race at
Bonneville, he'll just be doing it on a bike that, in stock form, makes
only 97bhp and weighs over 670lbs. The big honkin' turbocharger has yet
to go on, but as you can see, Roland's been busy modifying the Victory
cruiser into something that vaguely resembles a land speed record racer.
His goal? 200mph.

Converting a bar hopper into a performance bike isn't as straightforward as bolting a fairing a tucking behind it though. To easily alter the gear ratios, the belt drive got thrown in a bin in favor of chain drive and the riding position had to be radically altered to accommodate a human body in a vaguely aerodynamic form. All that was enough to reach 147mph using the stock motor.


Our favorite part of this video isn't Roland's sweet new 'doo or even all the moody shop shots. Instead, it's the clear homage RSD has chosen to pay us with graphic elements clearly inspired by Grant's Initial Report layouts. Check out the heavy black borders surrounding the vintage photo-like elements and the triple image arrangement. They're also using courier as their font in these elements and locating that text in locations very similar to our features. Really, the resemblance couldn't be more striking. Thanks guys, the reference is very flattering.


RSD  via MCN

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