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Everyone's favorite flip-up helmet, the Roof Boxer, has been updated. The biggest change is to the chin piece, which now looks like some sort of futuristic gas mask. That chin incorporates new, cleaner looking ventilation and what Roof claims is an improved latching mechanism. Well, anything would be an improvement over old clothing-style press buttons.


There's also improved ventilation in the helmet's main shell, a visor
that shouldn't fog so badly and higher build quality all round. Like
most people, we've always liked the Boxer's sci-fi styling, but in
practice we've never been happy with the quality. The chin piece isn't
structural, so offers very little protection in a crash and the fit has
always been awkward. Let's hope Roof has fixed all that, because
they've certainly made the Boxer V8 more expensive. It now retails for
€380, which when compared to helmets from Shoei, Caberg, et al
available for similar money, suddenly makes the Boxer a less appealing
place to stick your head.

Roof Thanks for the tip, Will.

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