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One month and two days after he broke his right tibia and fibula in a gruesome highside, Valentino Rossi has climbed back aboard a motorcycle. This photos comes from Misano, where the World Champion has already completed one ten-lap session aboard this SBK R1 and has headed out for another. Note the bulge in his right leg, which covers a special oversized Dainese boot made to fit over the cast he still has to wear.

Update: high-res pictures from the test in the gallery above. Rossi completed another, 14-lap session.

Update 2: Rossi says, "I had some pain in the ankle, the knee and the shoulder, but above all I lacked strength in the shoulder and a bit of movement in the ankle. I would really like to come back at Sachsenring, but it is still too early to say. We still have twelve days and we must wait and see how much we can improve my condition in the next few days. The Superbike today was good and great fun to ride! I really would like to ride at Sachsenring, but we must wait another week before making a decision."

It's thought that, should this test go well, Rossi could return as early
as Sachsenring on 18 July. Even if he is fit enough to ride, the value
of such an early return could be limited. He might be fit enough to
ride, but will he be fit enough to win? There's also concern over the
impact a further injury could have.

via @Davide_Brivio

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