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Honda’s CB1000R — basically a detuned Fireblade engine in a steel backbone chassis (wait, why isn’t this called a Hornet?) — is ripe picking for the aftermarket accessory industry. The first to cash in is Italian firm Rossocromo, with its XESS prototype. Created to show off the company's full range of parts, the bike is over-the-top, but nevertheless contains a few interesting components.

First among those are the Showa branded fork sliders. We like seeing
blue in the place of the usual gold, black or silver and think this
could be an excellent place to brand high-end aftermarket forks.

We also like the anodized high-beam surround. Anodizing has been the
victim of countless ill chosen, bad taste accessories, but when used
tastefully like this it defies the bad reputation. Here, together with
the matte-red paint on the tank, it resembles part of a high-tech SCUBA


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