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A new addition to the Pavillon line of Ruby helmets, the Signature series will incorporate custom artwork from notable artists. The first design, Pale Rider Vs Surfin’ Zombie, is from French graffiti artist Honet. Bold colors transform from crazed eyes on the front to a samurai mask on the back.


The Signature series retains all the Pavillon’s features, including the
carbon fiber construction, burgundy nappa lambskin interior and unique
crest that runs from front to rear on the helmet’s exterior.


Honet, who’s painting of Yugoslavian soccer supporters you can see
above, describes his work as “like a Eurhythmics song.” We think his
bold colors, simple yet impactful lines and fantastical characters are
perfect for a motorcycle helmet, working particularly well on the
attractive surfaces of the Pavillon.

Ateliers Ruby will be releasing more Signature limited-edition helmets
in the future. Each comes with a 12” vinyl of instrumental music
specifically composed for it and features the helmet’s design as album

Additionally, Ruby helmets are now available in the US from Glory Sales and Service in Los Angeles.

Ateliers Ruby

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