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This morning, Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Morini entered voluntary liquidation. That may sound terribly dramatic, but, in the bizarre world of Italian business, is merely a means of protecting a company from unpaid creditors while further investment is sought. The move came after Moto Morini failed to pay its 65 employees, who continue to work, for the month of September. Despite the lack of payroll, motorcycle production and new model development continues; the company plans to show the Moto Morini Supermotard 1200 at EICMA in November,  production of that model will commence in January.

Despite economic conditions, Moto Morini has sold 15% more bikes
already this year than it did during the entirety of 2008.
Unfortunately, that's still a little short of the companies break even
point of 2000 sales.

Talks are underway with two potential investors while a third has
expressed serious interest. It's likely that one of those three will
provide the company with the necessary capital to exit bankruptcy, but
a full-on sale remains a possibility.

We're greatly relieved to discover that the company isn't kaput, our
dream of someday owning a Moto Morini Scrambler remains alive.

Moto Morini

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