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"With our three-wheel enclosed vehicle, you can drive in air conditioned comfort to a local airport where the wings are extended, fly to another airport to land, retract the wings and then continue to drive wherever you want to go." Samson Motorworks envisions its SkyBike as the ultimate personal transportation solution, combining the efficiency and manufacturing processes of a motorcycle with an aircraft’s ability to, well, fly.  The company claims it is close to putting the SkyBike concept into production.


By using telescopic wings capable of fully retracting into the
bodywork, Samson hopes its creation will succeed where other flying
cars and motorcycles have failed by being just as competent a road
vehicle as it is an airplane. The SkyBike will use a small, efficient
motorcycle engine, enabling it to use normal pump gas and refuel at
regular filling stations.


Performance expectations for the vehicle include 55mpg economy on land,
25 in the air, a 95mph maximum road velocity / 140+ while flying,
0-60mph in six seconds and it should only need a 500' runway to take
off. The SkyBike achieves these figures by coupling the motorcycle
engine to the rear wheels while driving and to the rear-mounted
propeller on airplane mode.


Samson sees one other important innovation, "This could make flying
safer, as it takes away that 'got to make it home' pressure when the
weather starts to turn rough."


Samson Motorworks via The New Cafe Racer Society

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